Thermon Heating Systems

Caloritech™ Resources

30000 - Surface Mounting Thermoswitch™ Temperature Control

566 - Base Load Step Control

AFS - Air Flow Switch

Air Duct Heaters (DF, DI Series)

Ammonia Vaporization Systems

AR - Industrial Thermostat

B100 - Thermocouple Well Assemblies

Band Heaters (TB, BC Series)

BFP - Boiler Feed Pump for Steam Boiler

BOT - Blow Off Tank for Steam Boiler

Bottom Mount Immersion Heaters (DX Series)

BX - Heavy-Duty Convection Heater

C - Cartridge Heater

CA - Stuffing Box

Calorifiers (HC, VC Series)

Caloritech™ Electronic Indicating Controls

Caloritech™ Electronic Indicating Controls (Yokogawa)

Caloritech™ Heavy-Duty Room Thermostats

Caloritech™ OK3 Infrared Radiant Heater

Caloritech™ OKB, OKD, OKH Infrared Radiant Heater

Caloritech™ OKP Infrared Radiant Heater

CCR1 - Triton™ Corrosion-Resistant Washdown Unit Heater

CCR1 & CCRE1 - Triton™ Corrosion-Resistant Washdown Unit Heater

Circulation Heaters

Circulation Heaters (EX Series)

CO - Control Sensor Accessories

Control Panel and Pump House Heater

CPA - Fully Packaged Control Panel

CPB - Basic Control Panel

CPG - Ground Fault Protection Control Panel

CPP - Power Pack Control Panel

CPS - Control Panel (Contactor Stages)

CPXD - Control Panel for XDF Duct Heater

CRP - Condensate Receiver Package

CWCB - Packaged Circulation Heater

CWI - Protective Well

CX - Replacement Boiler Flange Heater

CX - Screwplug Immersion Heater

D - Drum Heater

Detect-A-Fire™ Units

Digital Indicating Temperature Control (for Immersion Heaters)

Domestic Immersion Heaters (CXC,CXI)

Duct Heaters

EH - Level Probe

Explosion-Proof Thermostats (XTW, XTB Series)

F61 - Flow Switch

Fenwal Thermoswitch™ Temperature Controls

Flange Heaters (CX Series)

Forced Air Heaters (RCH)

Forced Air Unit Heaters GE

Forced Air Unit Heaters GX

FS Strip Heaters

FV - Calvane™ Heater

FX - Liquid Heat Transfer Systems

HE-54 - Heat Sink

High Temperature Wire

HX, IX Tubular Heaters

Immersion Heaters

Infrared Radiant Heaters (OK Series)

IXS - Bolt Heater (Stud Heater)

J3-K3/TC11 - Thermocouple (Standard Series)

KX Tubular Heaters

MX - Pipe-Insert Immersion Heater

MXS - Gain and Gate Guide Heater

OKT - Percentage Timer (Input Controller)

Over-The-Side Immersion Heaters (DX Series)

Overhead HVAC Duct Heaters (DFF, DIF, DOF)

Packaged Electric Steam Boilers (VSB, VHSB, HSB Series)

Packaged Hot Water Boilers (HW, VW Series)

PGH/PGHT - Pilot Gas Heaters

PH - Fan-Forced Enclosure Heater

Power & Control Electrical Panels

Precision Snap-Disc Thermostats (Probe Style, Surface Mount)

Pressurizer Heaters

Process Duct Heaters (WX Series)

PXFT - Control Panel and Pump House Heater

PXFT - Natural Convection Heater

R841 - Thermal Relay

R851B - Electronic Step Control

S688 - Sail Switch

Screwplug Heaters (CX Series)

SD Strip Heaters

Series 20000 - Snap Acting Thermoswitch™

SF - Solenoid Feed Mechanism for Steam Boilers

Solid State Power Control Panels (CPSS, CPE Series)

SS Strip Heaters

Strip Heaters (FS, SD, SS Series)

SV - Level Control for Conductive Liquids

T775 - Electronic Remote Bulb Thermostat

TCR-PL - Neon Pilot Light

Threshold Heaters (Calbar™, Tubular)

TX - Urn Heater

Unit Heaters

WXS - Gate Body Duct Heater

XDF - Explosion-Proof Duct Heater

XH - <b><i>x-Max®</i></b> Explosion-Proof Terminal Housing

XHP - <b><i>x-Max®</i></b> Dry Seal Plug

XHT - <b><i>x-Max®</i></b> Trolley Section

XTF - Thermoswitch™ Controller for Hazardous Locations

XTK - Thermostat Installation Kit

ZF - Thyristor Power Controls (SCRs)