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News Article - The National Post - Stepping Up When The Heat Is On - Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies of 2008

February 2, 2009 (Originally published in The National Post)

CCI Thermal Technologies Inc.
Location Edmonton
Size 420 Employees
Sector Manufacturing
Market International

In the almost two decades that Harold Roozen, CCI Thermal Technologies Inc.'s CEO, has been working in the manufacturing industry, these are the toughest times for the sector he has witnessed. But his company, an engineering and manufacturing leader in heating and filtration solutions, is simply rolling up its sleeves and using the very strengths that earned it its success during the boom times to meet the current challenges and seize the opportunities. CCI Thermal has always focused on having a low-cost structure. It's always shopped the world for top-quality components at the best price, but today the company is also taking advantage of lower prices in steel, copper, zinc and platinum and is looking at stocking up.

"And we work on 90-day initiatives," Mr. Roozen says. "We sit down and say, 'what can we accomplish in 90 days?' That gives employees an opportunity to really see the wheels turn." It also allows the company to be quick in responding to the rapid changes in this economic environment.

CCI Thermal has always been tenaciously customer and employee focused. "That's No. 1, the customer. But we're also very employee-focused," he says. "We've spent a lot of time over the years making sure we hire the best people, keep them motivated, focused, that they're properly compensated. Everyone in this company from top to bottom gets a bonus twice a year."

In fact, this year the employees received an extra reward. "We went to all of our employees and we said, 'Look, we're seeing considerable stress coming on. How can we save 10% across the board? Whether it be turning lights off, whether it be buying paper from different suppliers in bulk, whatever you can think of,'" Mr. Roozen says. "Well, they came back and had significant savings, probably in the millions. Much to the employees' surprise, the company then turned around and gave them 20% of those savings."

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