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News Article - Oakville Beaver - CCI Thermal Technologies Celebrates Canada's 50 Best Managed Award

Howard Mozel, Oakville Beaver Staff

Mar 24, 2006 (Originally published in the Oakville Beaver)

While CCI Thermal Technologies Inc. is spread over four North American locations, its President and COO made it crystal clear last week that the Oakville facility was integral to the company being named one of Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies for 2005.

"You in Oakville should feel quite proud of this award," Bernard Moore told the assembled local employees at a celebratory lunch Thursday.

One ingredient that was certainly factored into making the list, Moore continued, was the record of two and a half years without lost time accidents at the Oakville location - yet another reason for jubilation.

CCI Thermal Technologies Inc. was selected one of Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies through a program sponsored by Deloitte, CIBC Commercial Banking, National Post and Queen's University School of Business that recognizes outstanding Canadian companies from a wide range of industries that have implemented and maintained world-class best-business practices.

Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies are evaluated on how they manage key challenges such as new technology adoption, globalization, and branding. Other considerations include leveraging and developing core competencies, facilitating growth and managing the new generation of people entering the labor market.

CCI Thermal Technologies Inc. is a global leader in advanced heating solutions, supplying customers through both its direct sales force and through high-quality manufacturer's representatives in more than 45 countries. Pursuing aggressive expansion into new and emerging domestic and international markets, CCI Thermal Technologies Inc. regularly achieves double-digit annual sales growth.

Moore told the crowd that the name of the award is a little unfortunate, since the honor was not attained by management alone but through the hard work of all employees.

"This prestigious national award is a tremendous compliment to all of our employees," said Moore, who also lauded workers for drastically improving customer service over the past three years. "It is recognition of years of their diligent efforts. It also confirms to our valued customers our commitment to being their vendor of choice."

CCI Thermal Edmonton is the corporate head office for the company. Opened in April 1997, the Oakville facility was custom built and the location was chosen for its convenient access to road, rail, air and sea routes for shipments throughout the Americas and around the world. It is the main fabrication site for the Caloritech™ line of electrical heating equipment for industrial processes and environments.

This facility - which employs 90 people - is certified ISO9001, carries the Chinese Safety Quality License for Import Boilers and Pressure Vessels, and meets ASME standards requiring the most stringent quality assurance control.

Third party inspector Marian Komor, an invited guest of Thursday's celebration, characterized CCI Thermal Technologies as an "exceptional company," one that designs and manufactures steam to nuclear equipment to only the highest standards. Better still, it does so safely and builds components that are equally safe when put to use by customers.

Moore - who hails from Oakville but now works at the Edmonton headquarters - said it was easy to sing the praises of the local facility. In fact, he said, the facility's lost-time record means more to him than the Best Managed award.

Oakville-based Caloritech™ (with a branch in Orillia ) was bought in 2001 by CCI Thermal Technologies Inc. Moore, its Vice President and General Manager at the time, says the parent company has allowed Caloritech™ to maintain its core values, resulting in high employee retention, capital investment, improved customer service and more.

With all this in place, Moore explained, it was a perfect time to apply for the Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies for 2005.

"It's very rare to make it on the first try," he said.

In addition to being a source of pride for employees, Moore explained that such an award has many spin-off benefits as well: customers prefer to buy from, and people like to work for, reputable companies and such an honor will help with marketing. (Moore's business card displays the Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies logo.) He also said it sets the bar high for the company's future endeavors.