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News Article - CCI Thermal Technologies Inc. Celebrates Injury-Free Milestone

Nathan Taylor special to the Packet & Times

November 8, 2010 (Originally published in The Orillia Packet & Times)

As Bernie Moore was being congratulated on CCI Thermal Technologies' impressive injury-free record, the president and chief operations officer, however humbled, shrugged with surprise.

Proud as he was of the employees' safety record, it was hardly about him.

"It's about this plant. I'm here to congratulate them, not to be congratulated," Moore said. "You can see how proud they are."

The Hunter Valley Road company held a luncheon Thursday for its staff to recognize five years of no lost time due to injuries.

"This is absolutely tremendous," Mayor Ron Stevens told the packed lunchroom. "The work you do and the materials you handle are not the easiest. It's not like you're making Jell-O out there."

The five years of no lost time work out to more than 1.2 million labour hours without an injury.

"You're the example to the other operations," Moore said of CCI's other locations.

In Edmonton, AB, for example, they're saying, "If Orillia can do it, we can do it," Moore said.

Last year in Ontario, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board received more than 64,000 reports of lost-time injuries, but none from CCI.

Working toward such a safety record and seeing the results "helps us sleep," said Carl Williams, the company's vice-president and general manager.

CCI began operating in Oro-Medonte Township in the early '80s before moving to Orillia in 2000. Celebrating an injury-free workplace year after year is something Moore could get used to.

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