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Introducing the Cata-Dyne™ MLH Series Micro Line Heater

Edmonton – July 2, 2014 – CCI Thermal Technologies Inc. is pleased to introduce the Cata-Dyne™ Micro Line Heater.

The Cata-Dyne™ Micro Line Heater prevents equipment freezing and possible hydrate formation during pressure reduction at natural gas regulating sites. The Micro Line Heater heats the gas stream using infrared radiant heat transfer, eliminating the use of burners, glycol fluid and high maintenance heat exchange systems. Custom engineered units for non-standard applications are available.

The heart of the Micro Line Heater is the standard Cata-Dyne™ WX Heater. The Cata-Dyne™ WX Heater is the first and only explosion-proof catalytic heater in North America to conform to the new ANSI Z83.20b-2011/CSA 2.34b-2011 standard for Gas-Fired Low Intensity Heaters. The MLH is certified for use in Class I, Division 1 & 2, Group D locations. Click here for more information on the Cata-Dyne™ Micro Line Heater.

“The Micro Line Heater is ideal for installation in existing facilities by mounting onto 1” to 2” piping, reducing installation costs,” says Lorne Weran, Vice President of Sales, “With a simple start-up, this product is easily shut-down and started as required during low/zero flow conditions, reducing maintenance and operating costs.”

As a leader in heating and filtration solutions, CCI Thermal Technologies Inc. is committed to ongoing research, product development and, above all, excellence in customer service. With facilities across North America, CCI Thermal manufactures six of the top brands in industrial heating in addition to a comprehensive line of engineered industrial filtration products, including:

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