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Gas Catalytic Heaters - Long Band Infrared Emitters

Gas catalytic infrared heaters, producing maximum wavelengths in the 3.6 - 6.3 micron range, are very efficient infrared emitters for the transfer of thermal energy to materials in the long band absorption spectrum. Most organic materials, including waterborne, solvent and powder coatings, easily absorb infrared radiation. The larger surface area of the gas catalytic heaters relative to other infrared emitters makes them ideally suited for curing large parts. When compared to open flame gas-fired infrared emitters the flameless gas catalytic heaters are more fuel efficient, requiring five times less fuel per emitter surface area.

To activate, the catalyst must reach a temperature of 250°F. The catalyst is then given the responsibility to facilitate the reaction (it is a promoter) by breaking the CH4 molecular bond, literally cutting the one H molecule. Once the bond is broken the CH3 & H become very radical, looking to bond or react with something, in this case the OXYGEN (02). The catalyst then acts to prevent the amount of IR energy to exceed temperatures of 800°F (it is a stabilizer).

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