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Cata-Dyne WX Series Heaters - Applications

The explosion-proof design of the WX series heater makes it ideally suited for use as a space or spot heating source for hazardous locations. CCI Thermal's explosion-proof technology has been used in some of the following oil and gas and other general industrial applications:

  • Offshore and land based drilling rigs, petroleum exploration and testing facilities
  • Petroleum refineries, gasoline storage and dispensing areas
  • Industrial firms that use flammable liquids in dip tanks for parts or other operations
  • Petrochemical companies that manufacture chemicals from gas and oil
  • Dry cleaning plants where vapors from cleaning fluids may be present
  • Aircraft hangars and fuel servicing areas
  • Utility gas plants and operations involving storage and handling of liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas
  • Areas of spray or painting where solvents are used
  • Areas containing open tanks or volatile liquids
  • Areas used for drying or evaporation of solvents
  • Gas manufacturing plants with areas such as pump rooms where, in the course of a day, volatile gases occur
  • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) facilities
  • LPG facilities
  • Sludge drying
  • Dry cleaning plants
  • Greenhouses
  • Paint kitchens
  • Chemical storage buildings
  • Paint diptank areas
  • Incubators for animals
  • Sewage plants
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