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DriQuik™ Training Academy

DriQuik™ Research and Test CenterCCI Thermal has created a Training Academy to give you the opportunity to explore the technology behind our products. The combination of theoretical and hands-on learning makes this course essential for anyone interested in working with infrared process heating or infrared oven technology.

The purpose of the seminar is to expand each attendee's understanding of Infrared processing and dispel the myths sometimes associated with Infrared in general.

During this 2-day course, you will learn:

  • Who Is CCI Thermal Technologies Inc.?
  • What Is Infrared Energy?
  • Myths About Infrared
  • CCI's DriQuik™ Product Line:

    • Long Wavelength Gas Catalytic Infrared - QuikCAT
    • Long Wavelength Electric Infrared - QuikCOIL
    • Medium Wavelength Electric Infrared - QuikSILVER
    • Short Wavelength Electric Infrared - QuikLITE™
    • Flash Tunnels - QuikFLASH
    • Cooling Tunnels - QuikCOOL
    • Automated Final Tacking Pretreatment System - QuikTAK

  • Systems Controls
  • The Significance of Process Testing
  • Basic Design Parameters for DriQuik™ Infrared Ovens
  • Competitive Information
  • Gas Catalytic and Electric Infrared Oven Maintenance

For more information, or to obtain a DriQuik™ Training Academy schedule, please contact Pam Hersley at our Greensburg facility: (812) 663-4141.

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