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Infrared Technology

CCI Thermal has a long history as an industry leader in the research and development of both electric and gas catalytic infrared (IR) heating products. Both infrared heating sources have proven ideal for many industrial applications including a wide variety of baking, curing and finishing applications for the electric infrared products, and in explosion-proof heating, high temperature paint drying, powder coat curing, adhesive application, and pipeline heating for the gas catalytic heaters.

Regardless of your application, our engineers study your specific requirements, finishing standards, and workspace needs and proceed to design a solution. Through on-site testing, at either your facility or ours, our computer-aided design delivers a product package of infrared options that can work for you.

The specific characteristics of your needs determine which product or group of products are right for you. Hybrid solutions are often the answer for unique applications or processes. Odd-shaped or complex objects frequently need an extra boost which can be enhanced with the drying power of infrared.

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