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Convection Heat Transfer Technology

Convection is the process by which heat is transferred by the mass movement of molecules from one place to another, such as that which occurs when heat is transferred within a fluid by the mixing of one portion of the fluid with another. Convection heat transfer technology has been widely adapted into a broad variety of thermal applications by process heating manufacturers.

CCI Thermal designs and manufactures heating equipment that incorporates both natural and forced convection heat transfer methods. Natural convection heat transfer methods, where the movement of the fluid may be caused by differences in density resulting from the temperature differences, are used in heating appliances such as hot plates, immersion, flange, screwplug and urn heaters. Forced air convection heat transfer methods, where the movement is effected by mechanical means such as when air is heated and blown into a room by a fan, are utilized in our Ruffneck™ and Caloritech™ forced air unit heaters.

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